Latest tracks from the studio...

'Together Not Alone'     Contemporary / Commercial
Track produced by Allon Silove @ Studio B (written by Marty Worrall and Brian Daley. Lyrics by Martin Adnum)
Arrangement | Orchestration | Recording | Vocal Recording | Mixing | Mastering

'Yerrabi' by Murrangadi       Hip Hop / Electro 
Track produced by Huw Jones 
Vocals Produced by Allon Silove @ Studio B
Vocal Recording  | Vocal Production  | Mixing  | Mastering

'The Avocado Song' by Sid Berry    Loop  / Electro - Pop
Produced by Sid Berry and Allon Silove @ Studio B
Recording and Engineering | Vocal Production | Production  | Mixing  | Mastering

'From A Distance Sessions' -  created by Allon Silove (Studio B) and Joshua Barnett (JB Creative)
Recording and Engineering | Mixing | Mastering

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