Studio b. is a new purpose built, acoustically designed and treated professional boutique recording studio that is designed and run by experienced studio engineer and music producer, Allon Silove. 
The studio opened its doors January 2020.

It features four rooms;

  • The Tracking Room
  • The Control/Mixing Room
  • The Iso Room
  • The Artist Room.

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Studio b. is tucked away in the quiet and leafy suburb of Elermore Vale, on the very western edge of Newcastle, NSW Australia and offers clients the opportunity to create and capture their latest work in a private, relaxed and secluded environment. 

Allon has years of experience in the many  fields of studio engineering including recording, mixing, producing and collaborating having previously been a co-creator and director of the 90Degree Studio ( a part of Musos Corner) and a touring, recording and composing musician of over twenty years. He has even engineered at the famous Abbey Road Studios in the UK, written for AudioTechnology Magazine and studied under the multi-grammy award winning engineer and producer, Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, GreenDay, et al).

Allon is also a professional singer and specialist vocal producer.

Services include

  • recording
  •  mixing
  • mastering
  • pre production for artists and bands
  • post production audio for radio and television
  • audio repair
  • composition and sound design for film, tv and theatre
  • voice-overs
  • all aspects of music production and post-production.


Allon engineering at  Abbey Road Studio, The Gatehouse - 2017

Allon engineering at Abbey Road Studio, The Gatehouse - 2017

The Mixing / Control Room

The Mixing / Control Room

Andrew Scheps and Allon at  studio b. - 2019

Andrew Scheps and Allon at studio b. - 2019

The Studio : 

Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 
Ableton Live 10 
Full UAD Library 
NI Komplete 11 
Waves Mercury 
Izotope RX7 
+ more... 

> 24 Channel Input / < 8 Return  
UAD Apollo x8p (with Unison Mic Pre's) 
UAD Apollo 8 (with Unison Mic Pre's) 
Antelope Satori - Analog Summing and Monitoring 
Neumann KH120 Monitors 
Avantone Monitors  
Switchcraft 96 Point Patch Bay 
PreSonus Digimax DB8 
Behringer XENYX XL2400 24/4 Mixing Console 


Neumann M149 
Neumann U87ai  x2 
Neumann KM184  x2 
AudioTechnica 4080 (ribbon) 
AudioTechnica 250DE (dual diaphragm) 
sE Voodoo (ribbon) 
AKG D12vr 
AKG C451b 
AKG C1000 
Sennheiser e906  x4 
Shure SM57  x2 
Shure Beta57 
Shure Beta58 
Shure PG48 


Rupert Neve DI 
Lehle Sunday Driver  x2