Welcome to the From A Distance Sessions

created by studio b and jb creative

For all information, see below

What are The From A Distance Sessions?

The sessions are an initiative brought you by Studio B (Allon Silove) and JB Creative (Joshua Barnett) in partnership with The Gal (The Gallipoli Club, Hamilton) to try and keep original music and live performance alive during the pandemic.

Watch live performances from Australian musicians and performers, from a distance...




The From A Distance (FAD) Sessions are an opportunity for live performing original music acts, ensembles, dancers, comedians, entertainers and performers as well as non-original (covers) music acts, to maintain their presence as vibrant and current acts, still on the Live Music or Live Performance scene, during this 2020 unprecedented period of pandemic in Australia and mass closures of venues. 


1. You will need to register your interest by messaging us through the FAD Sessions Facebook Page or use the Contact TAB above.
Be sure to include any links to your music and videos.

2. You will need to read and agree to all of the below information and conditions.

The sessions are currently being offered for established performing original acts. The act must have a history of live performance, not just online releases. 

FAD Sessions- Important Information 

1. The From A Distance Sessions are the creation and initiative of Studio B (Allon Silove) and JB Creative (Joshua Barnett) - herein referred to as The Originators – in the spirit of supporting the music and performing arts community

2. Choice of acts and offering of a FAD Session is at the discretion of the Originators.

3. Sessions are distinguished as being for either
a. established, performing, original acts - these performances will appear directly on the FAD Sessions page and platforms
*Original acts must have a recognised history of live performance, not just online releases. Not for fledgling or early development acts* 
Your FAD Session will be shareable for your use across all platforms. 

b. established non-original (covers) acts - these performances will be filmed and streamed from the artists' page or platforms with FAD Sessions and associated Sponsor logos embedded in the video.

4. No footage or audio will be supplied to the acts separately, unless by prior arrangement with the originators. 

5. The FAD Sessions take place at The Gallipoli Club - 'The Gal' -  3/5 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303 - upstairs
6. FAD Sessions are offered only by The Originators to selected acts and selection is at The Originators' discretion. 

7. Sessions are offered at $10 per performing artist (person).
We are just trying to cover costs and this is about supporting our community

8. The sessions are a capture of a live performance. Just like a gig! – a 25-50 minute set that captures the energy of the act while performing live. 

9. MUSIC ACTS! A Backline is supplied, thanks to sponsorship from Musos Corner. All music acts are expected to utilise the Backline and will need to confirm their stage layout and technical requirements prior to their session. Use of additional equipment needs to be approved prior to your session commencing. 
See Backline Info below.

10. The sessions are multitrack recorded (audio) and multi-cam captured and mixed (HD video) live. They are not live streamed, for reasons of quality control. Each session will be uploaded at a time and date at the discretion of The Originators. 

11. Given the time constraints, current health crisis and need to minimise exposure,  there will be no further changes made to the act’s footage and or additional performance corrections offered beyond the original, single captured performance.
It is just like a gig! 

12. All acts will be allowed a single opportunity to view part of their performance and approve the footage and sound for broadcast and streaming. 

13. All acts will need to please provide all the correct URLs and links to their associated sites for promotion of their materials, so that viewers may purchase their music or merchandise, prior to their session commencing! This information will be added to the footage and included on their Session’s postings and hostings on the Originators platforms. Failure to supply us with this information prior to your session will amount to no information being included in the actual broadcast footage and only in the post information.


 How the FAD sessionS work 

We are working with the advice of the Australian Medical Association and take the recommended measures of good hygiene, Social Distancing and Isolation very seriously. 


- Inform us if you are at all sick 
- If your flatmates or close family are sick
- If you have been exposed to Coronavirus (COVID 19) 
- If anyone in your workplace has been exposed 

Commencement of all sessions is at The Originators' discretion. 

(Please also fill out the FAD Sessions Technical Rider online form prior to your session commencing AND also read the below Backline Information. )

1. Please only arrive at your allotted time, not before.
2. You will only be allowed entry to the venue at your allotted time. We recommend that you not treat this as a social gathering for your act and maintain Social Distancing and Isolation until entering the venue. We recommend that you all wait in your own vehicles. 

3. There will no physical greetings (no handshakes, hugs, etc.) 

4. You will be asked to use the supplied hand sanitiser.

5. All members of the act will be required to complete the short Induction paperwork and sign a Public Liability waiver.

6. Please only bring your required instruments and pre-approved gear, props or equipment. We are trying to limit the amount of time everyone spends in the space. Confirm with Engineer (Allon Silove - Studio B)

7. You are asked to not touch any equipment or instrument that is not your own (guitar amps and drum kit excluded)

8. All acts will be sound-checked.

9. All members of the act (if more than one) will be required to sit apart from each other at supplied tables and maintain social distancing during any non-performance periods.

10. On the completion of your performance, please pack up and vacate. 

Backline is provided and it is necessary for it to be fully utilised. 


 - Yamaha Custom Club Drum Kit – 5 piece (20” Kick | Club Custom 14”x5.5” or 14”x7” Steel Snare | 10 “ Rack Tom | 12” Rack Tom | 14” Floor Tom and hardware (NO cymbals supplied. Please bring your own and snare and stool if you wish) 
 - Fender Hot Rod Deville ML Amp 
 - Marshall JMP and 2x12” cab 
 - Ampeg Portaflex PF50T Bass Head and Ampeg cab 


 - multiple stage monitors
 - in-ear monitor mixing is available but acts are to provide all of their own in-ear monitors and equipment.

Please bring: 

 - Instruments and pre-approved equipment
- Pedals, leads, sticks,  picks, capos, tuners, any custom stands
- Snare drum, cymbals, stool 
- In-ear monitoring if required
- Any additional amplification ONLY if there are more than 2 guitar amps required or by special prior clearance with Allon from Studio B.